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The world has seen a revolution in the availability of information.  It is therefore so easy to access and broaden your knowledge and skills.  Eversdal Primary School, as a 21st Century School, is striving to unlock students’ technological creativity and to develop their skills, so that they may be better equipped for their professional future.

The role of the iPad, in the classroom, will evolve continuously and it is this additional research tool that will ensure that learning, interactively, is exciting for our learners.  With Interactive Whiteboards, iPads in the class and a research facility, learners are exposed to interactive learning and resources which are world class. In this way, the different themes integrated within the Curriculum always offer interesting ways to stimulate the students’ creative thinking.

We are certainly on the right track with our young Evers; teaching a new generation of learners how to acquire information, to determine what is relevant and present it in  clear and visual formats.

Why tablets?

The constant changing way we teach in today’s classroom is definitely a subject of discussion found around several tables. The development with regards to technological integration in the classroom is found in the best of international education system as practice generally applied. This causes a light to shine on South African education. Schools across the country are faced with the “pressure” to change and are forced to imitate those who have already applied this integration with great success. Like any change “21st century education” do not escape the ever present skeptical questions. So, the question remains: why tablets?

Education shouldn’t think of iPads as repositories of apps but rather as portable media creation devices in addition to the curriculum to encourage students to learn on the personal level he / she is comfortable with to be  constructive. The teacher is empowered with a resource with which he / she can reach all of his / her students while not being able to give  individual attention to each of the students at the same time. In the modern classroom teaching is child-centered and not the traditional one way communication method. Each learner is actively involved in the learning process on the child’s level of ability and therefore an excellent tool to differentiate. The tablet also allows for immediate and individual visual feedback for students to learn from each other. This new active way of learning encourages collaboration between learners to work on challenges and creative problem solving. The success of the tablet in the classroom is the development of skills that will enable each learner to be more analytical, critical and creative thinkers.

Tablet education enable students to strengthen themselves educationally by creating their own content and to communicate this through working with different media as well as collaborating with students from around the world. The focus must shift from planning how technology can be used in the classroom to planning more effective learning using technology. Teaching methods must undergo a shift to self-centered learning. In this model we speak less and learn more. When learners themselves create, they understand better. The advantages of this teaching tool for the teacher are endless. One such successful technique is the ability to take lessons and to save on educational platforms that will enable learners to view it at any time or place additional lessons to understand concepts better. By doing this the teacher is developing a library of lessons that are class-based relevant.

This new addition to the classroom can easily justify the former President of the United States, Mr. George Bush’s education policy of “no child gets left behind” and apply it to the modern 21st century classroom, because it is the essence of the subject. No child can not benefit from child-centered education offered by the tablet.

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Eversdal Primary School,
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