Eversdal Culture



The Choir at Eversdal Primary School is a vibrant and integral part of the school’s cultural and musical landscape. Comprising talented students from various grade levels, the choir is known for its exceptional performances and harmonious voices.

Led by dedicated teachers with a passion for music, the choir rehearses regularly to perfect their repertoire and vocal techniques. They often participate in various events both within and outside the school, including concerts, competitions, and community performances.

Junior Choir

The Junior Choir consists of Grade 1-3 learners. To ensure that no young developing voice is missed, all Grade 1-3 learners are auditioned in the beginning of every year. The number of members varies annually, depending on the voice quality. Not only is this a wonderful opportunity to make friends, but here a child learns self-discipline and perseverance from a young age.

Choir rehearsals take place on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 07:45 – 08:20. Every year they participate in various Eisteddfods and other performances and enjoy singing all kinds of repertoire. The choir is led by Mrs Aneske Jacobs and accompanied by Mrs Marna Prozesky.


Senior Choir

Interested Gr 4-7 learners audition at the end of each year, to secure a possible place in the Senior Choir. The selected group of learners perform annually at various events and competitions, including the national ATKV APPLOUS competition. In 2022, the choir achieved second place nationwide in the Prestige section and won the prize for the best performance of the prescribed work.

The choir is led by Annerine Burger (conductor) and Marna Prozesky (accompanist). Weekly rehearsals take place on Tuesdays 18:00-20:00 and Fridays 13:00-14:15. The choir’s goal is to develop each learner to his/her full potential – as an individual, but also as part of a group.


The Music Department is comprised of two full-time educators who offer lessons in piano, recorder and flute. Private lessons are also offered in guitar, ukulele, violin, piano and drums.


Carin van Zyl
082 966 0948

Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar and Ukulele:
Marichelle Hammond
083 658 2413

Nina Marais
083 662 4751

Louis van Loggenberg

Johann Rossouw
084 040 7874

The aim is to develop the children’s musical talent, to build their self-confidence and to give them the opportunity to participate in examinations and the eisteddfod.  Each child is taught as an individual and according to their own unique ability. They progress at their own pace; this is acknowledged in that every music pupil is afforded the opportunity to participate in the annual Sound Shades and Culture ForEver Kultuur. For these events all our music educators work together to ensure a pleasurable listening experience.

Lessons are presented during school hours. 

9 individual lessons per term @ R1250,00.

Application forms for lessons given by Mrs Prozesky or Mrs Burger are available from the secretary. On application, the learner will initially be placed on a waiting list. You will be notified via e-mail, as soon as a vacancy becomes available. For private lessons with one of the educators listed above, you can contact them personally.


Everdrama is presented by Mr. Anton Nortier and is only for learners from Gr 4-7. All interested learners have an opportunity to attend castings at the beginning of the year.

Once the cast is compiled, only the actors who received roles will continue with Everdrama. We then begin to prepare the production in earnest for the stage festivals in the third term.


Laerskool Eversdal se Everdrama groep bring vanjaar die toneelstuk: WAKKERBLYERY BY DIE SAAMSLAPERY op die planke.

Twee oorslaappartytjies voor ń groot sportbyeenkoms lei tot groot sonde met die bure. Dit is ń lekker snaakse komedie deur die dramaturg Wilma Besselsen.

Die rolverdeling betaan uit:

  • Lian Biermann
  • Dougie Faure
  • Hunter Donaldson
  • Franko Loubser
  • Mia Knoetze
  • Mia De Nysschen
  • Jani Odendaal
  • Esmé Snyders
  • Ons klankman is James Kirsten.

Die produksie word vanjaar by die volgende Toneelfeeste opgevoer:

  • Tjokkertoneelfees van die ATKV by die Baxterteater
  • Kalaharitoneelfees in die Meerkatteater op Kathu
  • Silwervaringtoneelfees by Laerskool Bastion in Brackenfell.


The school enrolls learners for the Tygerberg International Eisteddfod. The categories are: Poems, Unprepared reading, Music items, Creative Writing and Public Speaking.

The learners are nominated and screened by the teachers. The registration fee and the date on which they participate will be communicated via a letter. Results are published in the Ever Focus. The adjudication takes place during the month of August and each child receives a certificate indicating their achievement.

Public Speaking

Developing Public Speaking skills is essential in child-centred education. As an extramural activity, our approach is to guide the learners to realise their worthiness, by giving them the opportunity to express themselves through the spoken word.

As an added bonus, the development of self-confidence manifests itself in a positive attitude towards life.


Since 2015 Eversdal has given their singing culture a boost with their weekly singing opportunity called Everjam. On Monday mornings old songs are dusted and new songs are taught. You will find our own teachers behind the keys, strings, drums and microphones – together with the Evers we ensure weekly excitement. A big attraction is the video played at the end of each session. From songs from the treasure trove of animated films to the magic tricks that amaze judges in the latest talent competitions on television – there is something for everyone.


2024 Concert: Potte vol pret / Fun in a pot

Fun in a pot is colourful production with a variety of music that will tickle the fancy of every audience. Ouma en Oupa pas die kinders op terwyl Mamma en Pappa oorsee is. Spoiling, yet learning valuable life lessons while having fun, is what can be expected from this exciting production written by Wilma Besselsen.


  • We endeavour to allow the children at least three opportunities, in their primary school career, to perform on stage in front of an audience.
  • An appreciation of the Performing Arts is cultivated.
  • To expose the children to the specific disciplines of Performing Arts.
  • An opportunity for mass participation.
  • To bring the theory of drama (curriculum) to life through practical demonstration.
  • For sheer pleasure!

The presentation of productions, at Eversdal Primary School, are alternated as follows:

  • Year 1: Foundation Phase
  • Year 2: IFSEN/Senior Phase

Culture Evenings

The Culture Evenings at Eversdal Primary School is an eagerly awaited event that celebrates the diverse talents of the school community. This annual extravaganza showcases the remarkable skills and creativity of students, offering a platform for them to shine. During the Culture Evenings, the stage comes alive with a dazzling array of performances that encompass music, dance, drama, poetry, and more

Culture Evenings

In the third term, the Music Department presents the Klankpalet/Sound Shades. During this event, all music pupils get the chance to show parents and other interested parties what they have been working on over time. Whether you can only play three notes or maybe three pages already, everyone gets a chance to share his/her talent. The event takes place over two evenings: Gr. 1,2, 4 and 6 learners perform one night and Gr. 3, 5 and 7 learners the following evening, The audience can also look forward to marimba sounds filling the hall.

In the fourth term we present our annual cultural evening Culture ForEver Kultuur. The event is the highlight of the year’s cultural activities. During the evening, the audience can sit back and listen to the choirs, marimba band and several exceptional individual items. The Everdrama also contributes and often gives the laughing muscles a workout.

Percussion Band

Grade 2 learners are given the opportunity to become a member of the Percussion Band. The band is led by Mrs Marna Prozesky and they practice on Fridays during school hours. The learners practice basic skills and can enjoy making music together. During the third term they perform at Sound Shades.

Percussion Band

The Percussion Band at Eversdal Primary School is a dynamic and energetic ensemble that adds rhythm and flair to the school’s musical performances. Comprising students with a passion for percussion instruments such as drums, xylophones, cymbals, and more, the Percussion Band brings a unique and captivating sound to the school’s musical repertoire.

Enrichment Program

The Enrichment Programme of Eversdal gives learners that extra opportunity to expand their skills on co-curricular level. These activities are led by private coaches and therefore are paid by the parents.

Enrichment Program

  • Modern dancing
  • Finishing and modelling school
  • Drama
  • Kyokushin-kan Karate
  • Young Engineers
  • Ever Robotics and Coding
  • Art Club
  • Tennis School

Marimba Band

In 2017, Eversdal Primary School decided to take an enormous step forward on the cultural front, with the initiation of their very own Marimba Bands. With the instruments available at present, we are only able to accommodate 12 learners at a time. Therefore, prospective members must pass a rigorous audition.


Marimba Band

Currently there are three groups: Marimba Prelude (Grade 3), Marimba Magico (mainly Grade 4 and 5) and Marimba Magnifico (Grade 6 and 7). The learners perform at various events throughout the year, Eisteddfod amongst other things. The performance at Willowbridge in the fourth term is always something for the Ever family, as well as the public, to look forward to.